EMDR Adelaide

EMDR Adelaide is a psychology practice in Adelaide to provide exclusive EMDR therapy for PTSD, complex trauma, other trauma related disorders and dissociative disorders.

EMDR Therapy

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EMDR therapy is based on the Adaptive Information Processing model to resolve symptoms resulting from disturbing and unprocessed life experiences. EMDR therapy is an eight phase treatment model and eye movement (a bilateral stimulation: auditory or tactile) is one component of the treatment approach. EMDR therapy has proved to be a valid treatment approach for other conditions with a wide range of treatment protocols for anxiety, phobia, specific phobia, panic attacks, pain management, anger, attachment repair and so forth. Therefore, EMDR therapy is no longer limited to the treatment of PTSD. EMDR is also increasingly being used to enhance performance for people at work, in sports and in the performing arts.

Khodadad has experience providing various types of psychological services such as:

PTSD and Complex Trauma

Dissociative Disorders

Anger Management

Pain Management ​​

Adults Abused as Children

Personality Integration

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Return to Work Claims