Intensive EMDR Therapy

Intensive EMDR Therapy helps get faster results to process and change negative feelings, thoughts and memories.

Working intensively allows you to delve deeper into your issues and potentially make progress more quickly compared to spreading shorter sessions over several weeks or months.

The intensive format is designed to accelerate the therapeutic process and is often used for clients who may find it challenging to attend regular weekly sessions or for those who prefer a more concentrated approach.

Traditional EMDR sessions are 50 minutes, but in the intensive format, sessions are extended to 120 minutes. This allows for more in-depth exploration and processing of traumatic memories.

Instead of spreading out sessions over several weeks or months, Intensive EMDR Therapy involves consecutive daily sessions or sessions booked closer together. This condensed schedule aims to maintain momentum and engagement in the therapeutic process.

Khodadad is offering Intensive EMDR Therapy as in-person consultations in Adelaide, South Australia.